He studied Medicine at Universidad Libre in Barranquilla, Colombia, subsequently Pediatrics and Critical Care at University of Rosario in Bogota, doing his training in Cleveland, USA and later in Madrid, Spain. As an artist and more specifically as a painter he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Barranquilla, Colombia, in addition he has attended several years the workshop of painter Luis Valencia in Bogota. His work is part of private collections in the United States and Colombia.


He has excelled in Medicine for his scientific publications as “Lower respiratory adenovirus infection: report of twenty cases” published in the Colombian magazine Pediatrics, “Risk factors for mortality and low output heart in the post-operative arterial switch patients with transposition of the great arteries” published in the Colombian magazine Cardiology, “The score of vasoactive-inotropic is a useful tool for pediatric critical care patients after surgery for congenital heart surgery” which won first place in Free works in the sixteenth meeting of the American Society of Pediatrics, Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery.


Co-author of the books: “Critical Care in congenital or acquired heart disease” and “Practical Pediatric Cardiology”. He belongs to the Colombian Society of Pediatrics, the Colombian Association of Critical Medicine and Intensive Care and the Latin Society of Cardiology and Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery. Within his artistic research he has excelled on the visualization of biological structures when they are pierced by light, thus creating a bond of balance between being a physician and an artist.


He lives and works in Bogota, Colombia.

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My work is the abstract interpretation of visualizing biological structures, while these are pierced by light. My research is aimed towards the observation of biological tissues: their order, their movements, their complex relationships, their potential, the display as a whole to which we belong.


This interest arises within my education as a medical doctor and therefore the access to study the body through the dissection microscope. A universe that is not visible to everyone and that only a few are privileged to observe directly. It is important to motivate the viewer to receive the reflection and the idea of the human body from an interpretation of its inner beauty, from what is made of.


I’m looking to underline that the similarities between the micro and the macro; between our inner landscape and nature, are part of the whole; that whole to which we belong, the essence of life and what we are: repeated fragments of biological structures with universal standards and harmoniously composed. We can identify them, without knowing exactly where they come from or what they do or form.

In the painting process I explore and experiment with chemical water soluble colors, which are used for dyeing biological structures of many types, and stained with permanence and intensity both canvas and paper. The dyes used are: methylene blue, malachite green, gentian violet, potassium iodide, eosin, mercury chromium, among others.


I believe that art serves to disseminate knowledge, and painting is a way to refer to the fact that we belong to and are one unit, consisting of innumerable small particles, that are unknown to us but that connect us to the idea of God. Both in science and in art I search for answers.

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